With five senses, it sets the modern trend
The 2014/10/22 10:46:47

The 20th China Shanghai International Furniture Exhibition was held in the new International Expo Centre in Shanghai on September 10-14, 2014. As one of the three major international furniture exhibitions, China International Furniture Exhibition is undoubtedly a leader in fashionable household supplies in China. As a leader in the Chinese living room culture, ZUOYOU Furniture has drawn the attention from a large number of domestic and overseas customers and insiders!

This exhibition featured the classical black-and-white color, fashionable and dignified in appearance. A series of humanized intelligent products, with high grade quality, bring perfect touch experience. Well-chosen jazz music resounding in the exhibition hall gives people a graceful and relaxing acoustic enjoyment, and along with the light French aroma in the air, makes people couldn’t help slowing their footsteps and sitting down to appreciate each unique product design. ZUOYOU Furniture even offer its exclusive coffee and high-quality nuts for all guests. In the words of Huang Zhida, an interior design master: A good design should have five senses! ZUOYOU Furniture makes it: people would enjoy themselves in their sense of hearing, smell and taste from space to products.