ZUOYOU Furniture New Conception Leading 2014 Shenzhen Furniture Trend
The 2014/10/07 00:05:46

The inspiration for 2014 Shenzhen Furniture Show is “Design is all around”. ZUOYOU Furniture, as the iconic company in Chinese furniture industry, has never stopped innovating. This year ZUOYOU has taken a great breakthrough over the traditional furniture culture which happens to agree with the “limitless design” theme of this year.

The fact that sofa can adjust to different households and flexible design to meet various household styles has also injected great fun of DIY.

Panel Furniture is so broad and opening that you can match with different style and it’s like an opening wing to embrace the happy life and beautiful tomorrow.

Echoing sofa’s “Spring Bub” shape, the design of soft bed, with vigorous of green, soothes your mind and soul, and meanwhile matches with peacock shape of back cushion, signifying happiness, auspiciousness and health.

The product is mainly engaged in materials of first layer cow leather and solid fraxinusmandshurica; with warm and quietly elegant colors, it respects materials’ original texture and colors, and has been centered on ZUOYOU furniture’s design purpose of health and nature.
It’s particularly worth mentioning that the product packaging concept; the designer designs collapsible and stackable products, which not only save room, but also facilitate transport; those products will be packed in corrugated paper materials, breaking the traditional packing patterns of China household furnishing, reflecting designer’s real action against the energy saving and environment protecting activities and even advocating to use the least resources to maintain the sustainable development.