Profession maintain
1.Please check whether the package appearance is intact before removing the sofa exterior package. To prevent the damage to sofa cladding materials, please don’t use sharp tools while doing unpacking work.
2.Some temporary impressing hint would appear due to long distance transportation, and it will disappear within a short period of actual use.
3.In sofa moving process please lift sofa via supporting sofa bottom and then put it down carefully. To avoid scratching floor, pushing or pulling is not allowed.
4.To locate sofa evenly is important for avoiding sofa structure from loosening. Provided the floor is even, please use the cushion accordingly. Doesn’t lay sofa adhere to painted furniture items or wall; to prevent the wearing, the distance should be kept at 2-3 cm.
5.To avoid sofa from going mouldy due to wetness, please maintain the normal room humidity and ventilation. Over dryness or wetness would fasten leather’s ageing process.
6.To avoid sofa from color fading, please don’t expose sofa to sunshine directly or put sofa close to heat source.
7.Keep sofa away from colored liquid, chemicals as well as oil materials.
8.To prevent sofa from color discoloring or going hard or ageing, don’t clean sofa with strong decontamination goods (washing powder, gasoline, diesel oil).
9.To avoid injury in accrual use, for customer with kids, please make prudent consideration while purchasing sofa which is designed with edges and corners, or small accessories or fastener or metal parts.
10.To avoid personal damage to the sofa, please don’t stand or jump or heavily sit on sofa. Please pay attention to the sharp tools (key, knife etc.) and animal claw, as they would also possibly bring damage to sofa.

A.Leather Sofa Maintenance
●To keep sofa’s charm and lengthen the leather life in actual use, please make the first maintenance timely with cleaner and caring liquid specialized for leather.
●To avoid leather from color fading or discoloring, the leather sofa would be located in the environment with proper temperature, good ventilation and no direct sunshine received.
●Please clean up the dust on sofa surface with clean dry cloth frequently in daily use. The specialized leather cleaner or polished could be brushed on leather surface, and then dry it with a piece of clean dry cloth. It is suggested that the maintenance be made twice every 3 months in the first half year, and once every 3 month later. The leather caring liquid with oil content is forbidden to be used on our sofa.
●Provided the tea or beverage or soup is splashed on sofa, please clean it up with a piece of clean white cotton cloth. For the stain track left, please use the mixture of specialized leather cleaner or tableware cleaner and water (the rate of cleaner to water is 1:10) to dilute the stain track and then clean it with the cotton cloth, and finally dry the zone with air blower in the lower power rate, (the distance between the blower head and sofa is over than 20 cm).
●It would keep sofa tidy and beautiful via frequently flapping the seat cushion, back cushion lightly with hand.
●The leather surface is easily to be stained by the grease or sweat on human skin, hair, hand and cloth. Consequently, to take good care of the sofa, it is suggested that a piece of decorative cloth be laid upon the place where head and arm rest in daily life.
●To prevent sofa from color discoloring or going hard or ageing, the strong decontamination goods (washing powder, gasoline, and diesel oil) is forbidden to be used in sofa cleaning.
●Under the condition that the sofa would be not used for a long time, please pack it with dust-proof and sunshine-proof materials and stock it in the room with good dryness and ventilation condition.  

B.Fabric Sofa Maintenance 
●Dab with absorbent paper or a white, non-abrasive cloth and then remove the stain. Remove the stain by only using vinegar diluted in water at 50% if the stain persists Then wash using only colorless, neutral soapsuds obtain by shaking the container vigorously. Finally, dab the soapsuds with a cloth dampened with water. Dry immediately with warm air using a hair dryer. Direct the jet of warm air from the outside working towards the centre of the damp area.

C.Eiderdown Liner Maintenance
Provided the eiderdown is used as filler in your sofa, please pay attention to the maintenance direction as below.
●The eiderdown is made of down and plume. The down is the stable heat protection layer that is composed by feather without rod and the filament on down mixed together; the plume is made of small feather from the back and tail of duck or goose. The eiderdown is treated by many procedures, such as collection, separation, washing, degreasing, drying within high temperature, deodorization, disinfecting etc, and it takes on the features of being fluffy, good softness, great lightness and thinness, strong warmness and having no dust or odor.
●Being pressed for a long time would affect eiderdown’s fluffiness and the simple slight flapping with hand would recover it. Provided there is eiderdown coming out along the sewing joint, please stuff it or pull it along the joint.     
●The eiderdown would absorb humility and get wet. Then put it, with leather coat taken off or not, in the place with good ventilation and under indirect sunshine for 2-3 hours to kill the bacterium and to clear up the humility and strange odor.
●Please keep the room in good ventilation and dryness condition; don’t put the eiderdown in the place of darkness and high humility.
●For the customer who is allergy to eiderdown, please make prudent consideration before purchasing product of eiderdown.
The eiderdown applied to Zuoyou’s product complies with all relevant national standards, and please enjoy our product to your heart’s content.

Filler Introduction
The filler is essential to sofa and it relates directly to the sofa shaping and sofa comfort degree adjustment.
The foam applied in ZUOYOU sofa is supplied by the biggest foam manufacturer in the whole Asia area, who is also granted as the foam brand of best quality in the whole furniture field, and whose foam product performance all complies with national standard strictly.
For Rafael sofa, the foam of high elasticity and high density is applied to seat cushion and back cushion. As to the seat foam, the density is over 30kg/m2, while for backing cushion , the density over 25kg/m2. The foam, via advanced processing technics, takes on good environmental protection performance, good air permeability, higher resistance to ripping, ageing resistance, good softness and higher elasticity. Consequently, the sofa would being comfort at most to human shoulder, waist and back etc. the main stressing part.

B. Natural eiderdown
The eiderdown applied to ZUOYOU sofa is natural, of environmental protection and good air permeability, harmless. Besides, the eiderdown also accepts special antibiosis treatment. All of this makes sofa bring more comfort to user.

C.Doll Cotton
Named also as Terylene Fiber, it is made via adding a certain proportion of silicone oil into the hollow 3D polyester fiber of various sizes. The doll cotton takes on stronger smooth feel and good elasticity and bulking intensity so that it is widely used as the filler for product like sofa, toll, quilt, clothing etc.